Frequent Questions & Answers

Each event is unique so our services provided for each event vary. These are a few commonly asked questions for reference.

What time do you arrive?

Depending on the menu and amount of people this can vary. Generally, we arrive 30-45mins prior to the requested Food Time "the time the client specified they would like the food service to begin".


Do you offer Table Service?

No, we do not offer plated table service. Depending on the menu and amount of people our services vary. The on-site service we offer is a Complimentary Staffed Buffet Line. We plate the food as your guest move through the line, this helps everyone get their food timely and offers proportion control.


What are your payment terms?

Multi-day/week events can vary.

Payment Terms:

We can accept Cash or Check (payable to Bruce's Place) on-site the day of the event. Credit Cards can be accepted 2-3 days in advance online or over the phone. Full payment must be fulfilled no later than the due date listed above (Event Date).


Do you require a deposit?

We currently do not require a deposit. We operate on a "First Contact - First Add to our Catering Calendar". This means as soon as you inquire we add you to our calendar. If someone after you shows interest in the same date we reach out and give you a chance to confirm or release the date.


Do you need facilities or electric connections?

We operate completely self sufficient and off the grid. We are able to cater at a home, venue, or in the middle of the desert. We pack it in and pack it all out with us.

Let's Work Together

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out via the Catering Contact tab or give us a call at 760-366-5271.